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What Is The Cost Of An Access Control System For My Business?

Access Control System - DML

Securing your commercial building is a common worry for business owners and property managers.

However, many business owners are not aware of the usefulness and necessity of an access control system.

It’s clear that every building comes with access issues and security flaws. An access control system can give business owners more control over their facility entries, and streamlining building security in the process.

If you are considering an access control system for your business or facility, you are probably wondering how much the cost will be. In this article, we break down the cost to install an access control system for your business, our choice for the best strategy, and why you need one for your business or facility.


Why Do You Need An Access Control System?

Access control systems will look great for your business and provide safety and security for your employees and patrons alike.

Access control systems, like Schlage controllers, allow commercial building managers or owners to observe and oversee the physical access to their commercial building. Your employees will be able to gain entry to your facility with verification of user credentials through a pin pad while keeping your building more secure.

User credentials can be stored on cell phones, tablets, or embedded as chips in wearable devices. You can still opt for entry keycards or fobs.

Access control systems are beneficial to business owners in commercial applications because they save employers money. Instead of getting keycards, fobs, and keys made, access control systems allow employees to enter with a pin code.

The doors manage entry security as well, so a business can decrease the need for hiring security staff to verify credentials and watch over entry into your facility.

Access control systems are more aesthetically appealing than multiple locks, so they also update your facility to look more professional and contemporary. They also take up less space than sliding doors, which require space for the doors to open.

Cost Of An Access Control System

The cost depends on the type of system you choose, but access control systems can range from $400 to $10,000 per door.

The less expensive options are access control systems with a physical key, and the most costly are biometric access control systems.

Here are the following average prices for access control systems:

  • Physical Key/Locks Access Control System: this is the least expensive option for door security. You will need to keep track of who has keys, and keys should be changed when employees leave. Physical key and lock security is good for small companies but can be cumbersome, and key maintenance must be meticulously organized for it to work and be secure. The price runs approximately $100-400 per door, $2 for a simple key, and $70 for a coded key.

  • Keypad Access Control System: the keypad access control system is keyless which means that you do not need to track who holds keys, making them a more convenient option for business owners, but not as high-tech as other options. You may also offer contractors or temporary employees a keypad code that can be later cleared when the employee or visitor no longer requires access. Keypads offer more security than a keyed door, as there is no cylinder mechanism to pick. Keypad access control systems are great for large facilities that have a lot of traffic. Keypad access control system is roughly $400-1500 per door.

  • Buzzer Access Control System: electronic buzzer access control systems are popular among businesses like schools, apartments, hospitals, clinics, and offices because they are convenient. After observing the visitor, you or someone trusted can grant access to your building with the touch of a button. If you consider the amount of productivity lost when an employee has to get up from their work and open a door, your business is losing money. Often, CCTV systems are installed along with a buzzer access control system, ensuring that your facility is more secure. The cost of a buzzer system is roughly $450-10000 per door, depending on the quality of the equipment.

  • Biometric Access Control System: biometric access control systems provide extra security to your facility because they use fingerprints, face, eye, or, in some cases, blood vessels to allow entrance access. Since each of these things is unique to a specific individual, your building is more secure. After installation, biometric access control systems are lower maintenance than other methods because there are no moving parts in the access portion. Biometric access control will not work well in the main entrance setting with frequent visitors, such as hospitals or business centers. You may choose to add biometric access control to your building to control high-security or dangerous areas. However, if you have specific areas or rooms of high importance, biometric access control systems provide convenience and security to these areas. The cost of biometric systems is higher, but you will save money on repairs after the installment. You can expect to pay about $2500-10000 per door for a biometric access control system.

  • Key Card/Fob Access Control System: electronic key cards or fob systems are easy and convenient for your employees as they provide access to your building without worrying about a physical key. If someone happens to lose a key card, resigns from your business, or gets terminated, you can choose to deactivate just their card, rather than having to rekey or change the locks on your whole building with a physical key and lock system. They are more convenient for access, as they can be kept on a work badge, wallet, or pocket. Key card or fob access is ideal in a large facility with lots of employees. Foot traffic can get very backlogged when each person must unlock their area or department with a key, but key card access systems open with a swipe or even just a pass by. They are one of the more affordable security access systems for the amount of security it provides and can save you money in the long run because you don't have to replace keys and rekey or change the locks at every employee changeover. Most importantly, key card or fob access is traceable by providing a trail of who has accessed an entrance in your building and their time of entry. The cost is roughly $1500-2000 per door for a key card

  • Smartphone Access Control System: smartphone or mobile access control is a cost-effective way to secure your facility with an added factor of convenience for you and your employees. From smartphones to smartwatches and tablets, your employees will be able to connect to the access control system remotely or in person. Mobile access is simple to use, and there is no worry over lost keys or key cards and fobs. Hotels are even starting to use mobile access for guests as it has proven cost-effective. Guests or employees can unintentionally demagnetize key cards and fobs, and physical keys get lost. Your visitors and employees will receive their credentials via encrypted data on their mobile devices. You can manage credentials, grant or revoke access to certain areas upon hire, promotion, or termination. Smartphone or mobile access control costs roughly $600-1200 per door, and you will save in the long run, because you never have to reissue keycards or have the locks changed.

Benefits Of An Access Control System

Security is essential in all industries, no matter the size. When you are tasked with the safety and security of people, information, equipment, and inventory, finding the best ways to go about it is vital.

Access control systems, especially those of high quality, are designed to keep trespassers from access to secure rooms or even your building, in general.

Additional benefits include:

  • Hands-free entry: Depending upon the access control system you choose, you may want to set the distance range on the entry devices so that your employees can enter your building without having to wave their access card or fob in front of a reader and can simply walk by and trigger entrance access. Access control systems allow for individuals with disabilities or motor control issues to enter and exit your facility more easily. Your employees and visitors alike will appreciate the convenience of this.

  • Convenience for Employees: Most individuals that frequent your building will be carrying a smartphone, smartwatch, or tablet. Using a mobile access control system triggered by your smart device will be convenient to your employees or anyone who has access to the secure parts of your building. You and your employees will never have to search for lost keycards again.

  • Extra safety: An access control system helps give your building extra security while avoiding the use of security guards. Instead, you can keep security personnel in a remote area, monitoring and allowing or bar access to many places at once. Your visitors will feel more welcome when the door opens automatically (with credentials) than to have to pass a security guard.

  • Manage Security From Your Phone: Businesses with a lot of turnovers, third-party partners, visitors, or access level changes are constantly managing security systems. If you choose a mobile access control system, you can update it from your connected mobile device. Working remotely or sitting in your office, you will be able to control your building access.

  • Cost savings: When you decide to install an access control system on your building or business, you will be making an investment in security— helping you, your employees, and your inventory stay safe. However, the cost of an access control system is worth the savings you will gain from not having to rekey or change your locks or hire additional security. And the added protections may even save you money by preventing inventory, property, and intellectual property theft.

Schlage Commercial Locks

Schlage Logo - DML

A trusted name in the business is Schlage. Schlage Commercial Locks has been operating for more than ninety years and offers the most technologically forward security products for your business. For this reason, including Schlage locks in your business budget will put money back in your pocket with added security benefits.

When you are going to be spending the money to upgrade your security system, you should stick with the best. Schlage locks are reasonably-priced but do not cut corners when it comes to your security. As with many things in life, when you pay less for your security system, you will be getting less security in return.

Schlage locks are multi-use and perfect for schools, hospitals, hotels, condominiums, and other commercial buildings. Schlage offers a variety of security options for your business: strong mechanical locks, electronic access control solutions, wireless security, biometrics, and video solutions.

Schlage Commercial Locks provides your business with protection that you need for your most important documents, inventory, and equipment, and your most important asset, your visitors and employees.

On top of excellent security, Schlage access control systems are created by designers, engineers, and artisans with aesthetics in mind. Schlage commercial hardware is available in many different finishes with knobs and levers to fit your business aesthetic— from ultra-modern to Avante Garde and everything in between.

As one of the best producers of control system locks, you know that your business will stay secure with Schlage Commercial Locks.

Reduce Your Risk Loss With An Access Control System

Choosing an access control system for your business will keep your business safe and secure. You will feel peace of mind in knowing that your documents, equipment, and inventory are safeguarded with an access control system.

Many businesses lose money on theft, from outsiders and employees, but access control systems give you the ability to monitor your business and easily switch out access as needed.

The cost of installing a new access control system for your business or building outweighs the cost of having to replace keys, locks, key fobs, and cards at every employee onboarding and termination, or when they have been lost or stolen.


Go Pro Locksmith

A reputable locksmith like Go Pro Locksmith of Palo Alto carries a range of secure access control system options that can give your employees a convenient way to enter access-controlled areas while keeping safe the things that need safekeeping.

A good locksmith will work to provide you with an assessment of the best and most cost-effective way to keep your commercial building secure.

Whatever your locksmithing needs, commercial or residential, a locksmith like Go Pro Locksmith has the expertise to provide you with the perfect security solution for your business, no matter the size.


Contact Go Pro Locksmith, servicing the Palo Alto area, for your consultation today.

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