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What is the Best Commercial Lock for Businesses?

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Your business is your livelihood, so you want to make sure that you meet your needs regarding security. Your business security will depend on your building(s), your industry, and the number of employees that work there.

While CCTV and alarms are an excellent way to ward off intruders and keep the contents of your building safe, you cannot overlook the importance of a secure and robust lock.

Your business inventory, confidential documents, and employee safety are paramount when considering a business lock system. Without a reliable and secure system in place, you will not have ample protection for your business’s foot traffic, employees, inventory, and day-to-day operations.


The following commercial locks will ensure that your business has excellent access control while operating normally and successfully:

Electronic Door Locks

Electronic Door Locks - GoPro

Electronic door locks are ideal for someone looking to strengthen the security of their business while enhancing accessibility.

Installing electronic door locks means that you will no longer need keys to enter your facility.

There are a few types of electronic locks available to match your business needs.

The technology’s complexity varies from a code-based entry to smart access cards to biometric locks that use a finger scan to access.

If you are looking for a more efficient lock for your business, an electronic door lock is a great option, as it offers keyless entry.

Electronic locks can be extremely convenient, especially if you have more than one person who has open and close duties at your facility.

An electronic lock can allow you to set codes, use a fingerprint scanner, use smart locks, or provide key card entry. They will also keep your business secure and the occupants safe with enhanced security features such as smartphone access, lock scheduling, access monitoring, and multiple user codes.

Electronic locks are great if you prefer a different type of lock on the exterior door to your business, but are still looking for accessibility, security, and convenience inside your building. In that case, you can use electronic door locks on interior doors. You can choose to use electronic locks to control movement into and out of storage rooms, confidential information storage, offices, and more.

Your business may contain expensive equipment, confidential information, and valuable items that need protection. Call a locksmith to assess your security situation, and give suggestions for the type of electronic locks that will suit your business.

An electronic door lock is a visual deterrent to potential break-ins. Security cameras and alarm systems are excellent ways to prevent unwanted intruders in your business. Still, as written above, electronic locks can ward off intruders and deter other criminals, potentially avoiding break-ins and keeping your building secure.

Panic Bars

Panic Bars - GoPro

Panic bars, also known as exit bars, have been designed to increase commercial buildings’ exit access.

The most significant benefit of installing panic bars is improved safety for your facility.

Doors with panic bars installed will mitigate disasters like stampedes in an emergency, but panic bars also boost your building’s security.

Panic bars allow you to lock your doors on the outside while remaining open on the inside. You may also choose to set an alarm to sound for unauthorized access. Anyone who wants to enter must have a key or some other type of access, giving you complete control over who gets into your building.

Panic bars are great to use on the back door of a warehouse-style building where employees will frequently be opening the door to throw items into receptacles outside or for deliveries that take place at the back door. In addition to the security of a panic bar, we should also mention its convenience. The door is opened from the inside by pushing or bumping up against the bar to open it.

Mechanical Door Locks

Mechanical Door Locks - GoPro

Probably the most common commercial door lock type is mechanical door locks. Mechanical door locks are easily installed and maintained as they do not have any wires.

Most mechanical locks use a combination pad with push buttons to open.

They are great in a business setting as the owner can change the access numbers whenever there is a staff turnover or some other situation that requires a lock change. Some mechanical door locks also can use a key in place of the code, if necessary, for even further convenience.

Mechanical doors have many practical uses, from use on gated entry, front doors, and interior doors to restricting access to sensitive materials, valuables, or anything you want to keep out of the hands and sight of others.

Electric Strike Door Locks

Electric strike door locks usually use a card reader, padlock, fob system, and an electric strike plate to secure your building. The electric strike plate replaces a strike plate on the door and moves the metal component when it is unlatched to open the door.

Electric strikes are quick and easy to install and lower price points than other types of door locks. You can also use them with an automatic door opener for accessibility.

Electric strike door locks are an excellent addition to a business that would like to monitor and control all access at doors inside and outside of your business.

They are a very firm and safe option for keeping the doors securely latched as they are only activated with a pin code, card, or remote instrument that is an accessory to the strike.

Best Brand of Locks

Locksmiths like Go Pro Locksmiths agree that Schlage locks are ultimate in security for businesses of all sizes. Schlage locks are versatile, with various commercial uses such as daycare centers, labs, clinics, apartments, and hotels or motels.

Schlage has locks that fit your budget and aesthetic, so if you are looking for your locks to suit your building's style, Schlage has locks for every purpose, finish, and design.

Schlage has various locks that will work for your business purpose, from their almost unpickable lock and key to biometric access controls. They also have wireless security locks, video solutions, and key card and fob options. When you upgrade your commercial locks, upgrading to Schlage locks will give you the peace of mind that you have chosen the best security for your business.


Enhance Your Security

Reputable locksmiths such as GoPro Locksmith, offer a wide variety of security solutions for commercial buildings of any type. They have extensive knowledge of the types of locks that will keep your facility and employees safe and secure.


Contact us today to speak with one of our security experts who can help you decide your building’s best plan when it comes to fulfilling your security goals and needs for your business.


Jul 09, 2022

A lock expert knows well which one is best for commercial security. So, i would suggest seeking locksmith advice when it comes to get a new door lock.


Sep 30, 2021

I talked to locksmith boca raton about it and they recommended me Keyless entry locks for the business. These locks offers more security than other door locks.

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