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Access Control Systems vs. Traditional Locks

Updated: Aug 8, 2021

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The safety and security of your home or business are crucial for keeping your property and people safe. While break-ins and burglaries are something no one wants to think about, the truth is, they sometimes happen. And, since you have invested so much into your home or business, you want to do everything you can to prevent unauthorized intruders from accessing your property.

Locks are paramount to business security and are often overlooked until there is an issue. If you have been locked out, had an employee locked out, or been subject to a break-in, you understand just how vital the right lock is for your business.

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It is no surprise that you might be wondering what type of locking system is best for your needs—physical locks or access control systems—especially without knowing precisely what an access control system is.

Knowing the best way to protect your properties is the answer to keeping them secure. So, to help, we have prepared a comparison of the two types of locks: traditional keyed locks and access control systems.


Traditional Keyed Locks

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Traditional keyed locks have long been the choice for keeping properties safe and secure.

However, over time, lock technology has evolved, and you now have many different and more secure options.

With advances in technology, locks are becoming more user-friendly.

And, while the traditional keyed lock is not hard to use, it can be challenging to use a lock and key when you are busy with packages or in industrial settings.

Keys can easily be copied, and there is a chance that you are not aware of the number of times your keys have been copied. It is also an undertaking to have keys replaced and reassigned once you dismiss someone or hire a new keyholder.

In the case of lost or stolen keys, you will need to pay for the locks to be changed, and if several locks are compromised, you will be paying for each one to be replaced.

It is still cheaper to buy a traditional lock and key. Yet, the security upgrade and convenience factor make access control systems more cost-effective in the long run. Especially when you are keeping important documents, staff safety, and expensive inventory in mind.

Access Controls Systems

As we mentioned, advances in technology have made positive changes in securing homes and businesses. The advances are not limited to security.

Where traditional keyed locks require someone to unlock a door to grant entry, access control systems are more convenient. You or your authorized employees can give access without losing employee productivity.

As a business owner, you will be able to grant or revoke access as needed without having to track down keys or have locks changed. Your doors can be programmed to automatically lock, which is convenient for business hours or business opening. If you have more than one location, you and your employees will not need to carry multiple keys if required to travel between properties.

The three most commonly used types of access control systems are:

  • Keypad with PIN or password access

  • Key fob/access card

  • Bluetooth/mobile app smart locks

An access control system can typically be linked to your existing security system to provide additional safety and soundness. Employees will only need to remember one code or even use their phone or tablet in emergency situations rather than fiddling with keys to secure the premises. The entries to your properties using an access code will be recorded, which means you can refer to the date, time, and personnel code used to gain access if required.

The initial investment to convert your locks from traditional keys to electronic access systems will be worth the added safety, security, and convenience to you and your business in the long run.

How Access Control Systems Work

The three most common types of access control systems are similar in their convenience and security features but function slightly differently as follows:

Keypad With Pin or Password Access

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This access control system version does not rely on a physical key fob or access card but instead uses a PIN or password.

You will assign your employees a PIN or password and specify their access level. That way, they can access certain authorized areas, but not others.

Key Fob/Access Card

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If you are still wary of the technology behind access control systems, the key fob or access card access control is relatively basic. You will assign your employees a badge or card with authentication data inside to allow entry to anyone you grant permission to access.

Door readers are used as a security measure that your employees must pass to gain access. You can customize their level of authorization, based on their role in your company.

Bluetooth/Mobile App Smart Locks

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As we are more reliant on our smartphones and other electronic devices, mobile access control systems are becoming more prevalent.

There are a couple of different mobile access systems on the market:

  • An app that employees access by logging in and scanning a code from their smartphone

  • Bluetooth technology, which is simply a wave of the phone in front of a sensor to gain access to controlled areas

Mobile access control systems are convenient in that you can control who can access what space, when, and change it within seconds.

You can also grant temporary access to sensitive digital data or particularly secure areas if need be.

The Advantages of Commercial Access Control Systems

While traditional keyed locks are tried and true when it comes to the security of your business, access control systems blow these out of the water.

Take Away: Converting your current locks to access control systems will give you control of who can access your property and when.


Go Pro Locksmith

Choose a reputable locksmith to show you how to use your new access control system. Doing so will ensure that you can allow employees and tradespeople access to authorized areas. They will be able to do this without carrying a fistful of keys or compromising the safety of you and your employees by losing or misplacing keys.

Go Pro Locksmith provides business and residential locksmith services in the Palo Alto area. To discuss your current locks, or look at the features of any of our secure locking systems, contact Go Pro Locksmith today.

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Mar 25, 2022

The key fob or access card access control is relatively basic and one can assign the key card to their employees to unlock the door. After assigning the key cards then no one need to copy building keys to enter in the property.

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